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2014 CASF Overview

The Cambodian Arts and Scholarship Foundation (CASF) was founded in 2001 by Frederick Lipp, author of The Caged Birds of Phnom Penh. CASF is committed to improving the lives of children in Cambodia through education, working with poor, at-risk girls who are, for a number of reasons, denied equal access to schooling.

Yen Neat is in Grade 12, and her favorite subjects are math, biology, chemistry, Khmer and English. Her parents are farmers, who make palm sugar and raise hens. Neat wants to be an accountant.



The past year has seen many moments of excitement and success at CASF. Our university students are thriving, studying subjects ranging from psychology to accounting to midwifery. Through a rejuvenated CASF mentoring program, they have been learning life skills and ESL. Students are volunteering at local NGOs such as Pour un sourire d’enfant and Children for Change Cambodia, giving back to their country even as they themselves are still growing up.

In the provinces, the younger students are ably overseen by Mong Kimna, our program coordinator. Trained as a lawyer, Kimna serves as an exemplary role model for all of our students, and provides them with care and attention as they advance through their schooling.

In September 2014, we hired an Executive Director for the first time. Julianna Nielsen has over twenty years of experience in management and communications consulting, and an MA in International Relations from the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy. She will work closely with Kimna and the board to oversee CASF operations.

For over twelve years, CASF has concentrated all our efforts towards our mission, that of educating our students. We can now boast of over fifty graduates, who are working as doctors, lawyers, accountants, NGO leaders, and in other professions.


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Investing in education for poor and at-risk girls in Cambodia